Gilson Expands Manual Liquid Handling Distribution Network In Brazil

Gilson Expands Manual Liquid Handling Distribution Network In Brazil

 New Distributors Provide Convenience and Reliability to Customers Across the Country

MIDDLETON, Wis. (May 31, 2018)– Gilson has partnered with three new distributors in Brazil to sell its manual liquid handling products, including its line of PIPETMAN Pipettes. The company partnered with experienced Brazilian-based distributors BioResearch do Brasil, Sinapse Biotecnologia and Pensabio to ensure that customers all over Brazil have access to Gilson’s liquid handling products. Gilson has distributed its products in Brazil since 1992, and increasing traction in the market has led to the need to broaden its channels.

BioResearch do Brasil has extensive experience selling manual and automated liquid handling products. Focused on the scientific research market, it also sells and supports reagents, consumables, scientific equipment and bioprocess products. Bio Research do Brasil supports capabilities include service labs for pipette calibration and repair that meet ISO-8655 requirements.  

Sinapse Biotecnologia is a distributor of genomics and proteomics products. Its reagent product portfolio also complements Gilson pipettes. Sinapse markets to both Brazil’s most prestigious life science institutions and to traditionally under-served states and rural regions. Its services will provide convenience to Gilson customers in both commercial centers and remote parts of the country. 

Pensabio, a division of Pensalab, specializes in cutting-edge molecular biology and nanotechnologies. This expertise allows Gilson to reach customers in food and beverage, petrochemicals, and other non-traditional markets beyond life science research. It also sells high-end instrument platforms with expert application support.

“BioResearch do Brasil, Sinapse Biotecnologia, and Pensabio extend and strengthen Gilson’s commercial footprint in Brazil in unique and exciting ways,” said Ryan Titmas, Gilson’s Vice President of Sales in the Americas. “Their combined capabilities will help us reach new markets and streamline purchase convenience and service support for our Brazilian customers.” 

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