The ASPEC® Positive Pressure Manifold for SPE Offers More Consistent Flow Control for Improved Results

Middleton, WI (February 28, 2018) – Gilson, an industry leader in liquid handling instruments, announces the introduction of the
ASPEC® Positive Pressure Manifoldfor solid phase extraction (SPE). The ASPEC manifold offers an initial step to SPE automation for clinical, forensic and food or beverage testing laboratories. With the ability to accommodate 96-well SPE plates, the ASPEC manifold is also an ideal choice for sample cleanup prior to LC-MS for bioanalysis.

The ASPEC Positive Pressure Manifold uses positive pressure gas to force viscous samples into SPE cartridges, unlike traditional SPE vacuum manifolds. The multiple adjustable flow rates improve consistency among samples and recoveries, and ensures uniform flow for both low- and high-viscosity solutions.

The ASPEC Positive Pressure Manifold, with its single gas input and small footprint, incorporates easily into laboratory workflows and provides a fast and simple way to prepare several samples in parallel for later analysis by chromatography.

The universal design of the ASPEC Positive Pressure Manifold makes it compatible with popular formats, including 1, 3, and 6 mL SPE tabbed and tabless cartridges and 96-well SPE plates. When combined with Gilson’s PLATEMASTER® microplate pipetting device, the ASPEC Manifold greatly increases sample preparation throughput to meet increased testing demands in the clinical, forensic and food or beverage laboratories.

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