PIPETMAN Neo PCR Starter Kit, P10N, P100N, P1000N



The PIPETMAN® Neo PCR Kit provides the three pipettes most commonly used for PCR reaction setup— P10N, P100N, and P1000N —plus pipette holders, tips, and pipetting guide. PIPETMAN Neo Single Channel Pipettes improve on pipetting comfort and performance. The smooth piston stroke and tip ejection minimize hand fatigue, while performance exceeds ISO expectations.

Improved Comfort and Performance

With newly engineered springs, the PIPETMAN Neo Single Pipettes help battle susceptibility to repetitive stress injuries by reducing spring forces up to 50 percent. The light springs make pipetting less demanding on the hand, reducing the required force to discard used tips. The performance of the PIPETMAN Neo exceeds ISO recommendations by an average of 50 percent.

Easy to Maintain; Flexible to Use

Made of highly resistant materials, PIPETMAN Neo is built to work in most lab environments and can be easily serviced by the user using original Gilson parts. The tip-holder and ejector are also autoclavable, preventing accidental contamination. With routine cleaning, the PIPETMAN Neo will last for years. The specially designed tip-holders fit the major leading tip brands. Of course, the best way to meet Gilson's and ISO's specifications is to use PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Tips.

Everything You Need to Start

Each PIPETMAN Neo PCR Starter Kit includes:·        Three PIPETMAN Neo pipettes: P10N, P100N, and P1000N ·        Three racks of sterilized PIPETMAN DIAMOND filter tips (models: DFL10ST, DF100ST, and DF1000ST)·        Three Single™ Pipette Holders·        The Gilson Guide to Pipetting


Adjustable or Fixed Volume Adjustable Volume
Number of Channels 1
Pipette Type Manual Air Displacement
Pack Size 1
Pack Size Unit Each
Accessories Included 3 Single Pipette Holders, 1 Gilson Guide to Pipetting
Nominal Volume No
Packsize Unit No
Pipette Models Included P10N, P100N, P1000N
Pipette Tips Included DFL10ST TIPACK, DF100ST TIPACK, DF1000ST
Channels No

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